About eight o’clock this morning the fire department was called to the home of Mrs. Liddie Travis at 424 East Eighth street and found her house in flames.  The water was unsatisfactory at first and the kitchen of the small one story building was destroyed and the roof of the main building ready to fall in before the work of the department proved effectual.

Mrs. Travis has worked very hard to pay for the little home of which she was very proud and on which she had but recently finished the payments.  While she saved a few pieces of furniture she was unable to recover some of her things which can never be replaced, although it is hoped that all will not be lost.  It is thought that the fire started from the stove.

The house was insured her $600 and the goods for $200, Mrs. Travis having taken advantage of the recent insurance war and her policy will be the first one to be settled since that time.  While it is hoped that the loss may not be great, Mrs. Travis has the sympathy of all the friends who have watched her earnest efforts to obtain the home and regret that the loss if it must come, should have come at the opening of the winter.  She is at the home of her neighbor, Mrs. Ira Winans, temporarily.  The Newton Kansan, Newton Kansas.  Friday, December 4, 1903.  Page 1.

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