William Savage was born in 1893 and died in WWI in 1918.

But one home in Harvey county was bereft of 2 sons during the war. Mrs. M.S. Savage, a widowed mother, gave up her second eldest son, Private Melvin Savage, and her youngest son, Seaman William Savage. But 15 days elapsed between the deaths of these two fine young men.

Seaman William Savage was born at Downs, Illinois, December 31, 1895. He came to Harvey county with his parents in 1906 and resided on the farm purchased in Macon township. He graduated from Newton High School in 1912. The father had died some years previous, and William and Melvin farmed in partnership.

He enlisted as a 2nd Class Seaman in May, 1918. He qualified and was made an instructor on the rifle range at Camp Logan near the Great Lakes naval training station, and in November was sent to Norfolk Navy yards. He was aboard the United States steamer Clio off Newport News, a mile from the docks, when the accident occurred in which he lost his life. Sailors scuffling had loosened the bar at the gangway. Not aware of this, Seaman Savage later leaned against the bar, which gave way and he fell overboard. Efforts to rescue him were unavailing. Neither were efforts to recover his body successful, and the sands of the ocean form his resting place. A government investigation which followed found that the death was caused by the unsafe condition of the vessel.

William and Melvin, two worthy young defenders, leave their mother and brothers, Thomas and John, of Macon township. Both were members of St. Mary’s Catholic Church and Knights of Columbus.

William’s HCGS Memorial Tribute Page can be found here: William Savage

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