Butler County Kansas



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Balzer, Emma (Harms)  3 Dec 1887Butler County Kansas I4629
2 Balzer, Ruth Josephine (Mosiman)  27 Jul 1916Butler County Kansas I16277
3 Balzer, Veda Mae (Moore)  22 Jul 1930Butler County Kansas I36412
4 Carter, Wilma Fern (Cornelius)  13 Jun 1925Butler County Kansas I41692
5 Claassen, Albert Samuel  10 Aug 1892Butler County Kansas I41383
6 Dickson, Maxine (Gates)  06 Apr 1917Butler County Kansas I34015
7 Ewert, Herman E  30 Jul 1883Butler County Kansas I4355
8 Frost, Floyd S  15 Dec 1895Butler County Kansas I16506
9 Harder, Gerhard Paul  18 Aug 1921Butler County Kansas I41835
10 Harvey, Bernice  1918Butler County Kansas I39104
11 Hinz, Glenn E  6 Aug 1905Butler County Kansas I14188
12 Krahn, Lavina Mae (Wuthrich)  27 Feb 1929Butler County Kansas I39208
13 Laswell, Beryl N. (Rutschman)  24 Sep 1918Butler County Kansas I41508
14 Means, Rose Mary (Harms)  5 Jul 1935Butler County Kansas I39486
15 Merritt, Ruth I (Osburn)  16 Feb 1934Butler County Kansas I30530
16 Pummill, Velma Alma (Foster)  24 Jun 1912Butler County Kansas I6006
17 Smith, Mary A (Anderson)  16 Jan 1886Butler County Kansas I43710
18 Thomas, Floyd Allen  22 Jul 1943Butler County Kansas I39550
19 Unruh, Leona E (Nickel)  2 Apr 1909Butler County Kansas I4408
20 Wohlgemuth, Margery Lucille  3 Jan 1919Butler County Kansas I3499
21 Zieman, Ella Louise (Campbell)  11 Nov 1906Butler County Kansas I42405
22 Zuercher, Ida Henrietta (Roth)  25 Dec 1889Butler County Kansas I6884
23 Zuercher, Martha (Ingold)  28 Jun 1889Butler County Kansas I6807
24 Zuercher, Walter Warren  24 Dec 1896Butler County Kansas I8604


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Gaede, Henry Herman  26 May 1957Butler County Kansas I19970
2 Gronau, Margaret (Rutschman)  17 Feb 1993Butler County Kansas I6795
3 Hinz, Carney Lee  25 Dec 2015Butler County Kansas I38790
4 Jantz, Evelyn Pearl (Koehn)  17 Apr 2003Butler County Kansas I41647
5 Koehn, Anna (Schmidt)  6 Jun 1977Butler County Kansas I41645
6 Koehn, Jeralyn Sherry  1 Nov 2006Butler County Kansas I41651
7 Langenegger, Ruth Ella (Wiebe)  1 Mar 2019Butler County Kansas I41391
8 Lee, Lisa G. (Killfoil)  30 Dec 2006Butler County Kansas I36051
9 Schmidt, Wilma (Koehn)  23 Apr 1997Butler County Kansas I41650
10 Smith, Henry A  2 Mar 1957Butler County Kansas I43690
11 Zieman, Ella Louise (Campbell)  1947Butler County Kansas I42405
12 Zuercher, Arnold W  2 Sep 1956Butler County Kansas I6883
13 Zuercher, Catharine (Bartschi)  28 Feb 1904Butler County Kansas I6861
14 Zuercher, Peter  16 Oct 1900Butler County Kansas I6862


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Brewer, Max Wayne  Butler County Kansas I43293
2 Ensz, Adelheid Anna Louise (Friesen)  Butler County Kansas I41547
3 Ensz, Roland H  12 Nov 2014Butler County Kansas I37907
4 Giesbrecht, Jerry L  5 Nov 2017Butler County Kansas I17842
5 Greer, Patricia R (Zieman)  Butler County Kansas I42407
6 Heyman, John Calvin  Butler County Kansas I40138
7 Hinz, Carney Lee  30 Dec 2015Butler County Kansas I38790
8 Hinz, Glenn E  Butler County Kansas I14188
9 Hinz, Marilyn Marie (Perley)  Butler County Kansas I25889
10 Hinz, Viola Mae (Trego)  Butler County Kansas I14189
11 Jantz, Agnes M (Koehn)  Butler County Kansas I41646
12 Jantz, Dorothy (Koehn)  Butler County Kansas I40311
13 Jantz, Evelyn Pearl (Koehn)  Butler County Kansas I41647
14 Koehn, Anna (Schmidt)  Butler County Kansas I41645
15 Koehn, Edna (Koehn)  Butler County Kansas I41649
16 Koehn, Enoch D  Butler County Kansas I41644
17 Koehn, Jeralyn Sherry  Butler County Kansas I41651
18 Koehn, Laveda Pansy  7 May 2016Butler County Kansas I39116
19 Koehn, Neoma Ruth (Jantz)  Butler County Kansas I42669
20 Paulson, Chalmer James  Butler County Kansas I41917
21 Pearce, Douglas James  Butler County Kansas I36768
22 Pearce, Hope C (Hinkle)  Butler County Kansas I40585
23 Perley, Bonnie Mae (Sellers)  Butler County Kansas I37788
24 Phillips, Robert Ellis Jr  Butler County Kansas I41234
25 Ratzloff, Adina (Smith)  Butler County Kansas I42983
26 Ratzloff, Pete H  Butler County Kansas I42982
27 Roberts, Lillian (Wyss) Phillips  Butler County Kansas I41233
28 Schmidt, Ferdinand  Butler County Kansas I41907
29 Schmidt, Marvin J  31 Dec 2020Butler County Kansas I43184
30 Schmidt, Wilma (Koehn)  Butler County Kansas I41650
31 Smith, Elizabeth (Unruh)  Butler County Kansas I43691
32 Smith, Henry A  Butler County Kansas I43690
33 Wyss, Ida Lucille (Phillips)  Butler County Kansas I41231
34 Yetley, Clara F (Nelson)  10 Jul 1956Butler County Kansas I42623
35 Zieman, Ella Louise (Campbell)  Butler County Kansas I42405
36 Zieman, Vernon George  Butler County Kansas I42404


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Amstutz / Amstutz  18 Jul 1889Butler County Kansas F25759
2 Ewert / Ewert  17 May 1880Butler County Kansas  F2925
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