Hesston City Cemetery



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Adrian, Phillip H  Hesston City Cemetery I35220
2 Adrian, Ruth (Ashcraft)  Hesston City Cemetery I35221
3 Auernheimer, Edgar Willis   I33572
4 Auernheimer, Helen Maxine (Taylor)  17 Jul 2008Hesston City Cemetery I33573
5 Baer, Jacob S  Hesston City Cemetery I276
6 Baer, Lola M  Hesston City Cemetery I277
7 Baer, William Royer  Hesston City Cemetery I278
8 Bailey, George L  Hesston City Cemetery I519
9 Bailey, Grace L  Hesston City Cemetery I520
10 Barker, Alvin Avorrow  Hesston City Cemetery I436
11 Barker, Mabel G (Egy)  Hesston City Cemetery I437
12 Barker, Morris Dwight  Hesston City Cemetery I499
13 Barker, Viola Fae (Work)  Hesston City Cemetery I500
14 Belgard, Dorothy Ella  Hesston City Cemetery I447
15 Belgard, Pete  Hesston City Cemetery I446
16 Beller, Annie  Hesston City Cemetery I507
17 Benton, Jack Leland  Hesston City Cemetery I6
18 Benton, Joye Faye  Hesston City Cemetery I5
19 Boese, Betty Jean (Dillman)  Hesston City Cemetery I136
20 Boese, Milton Eugene  24 May 2014Hesston City Cemetery I135
21 Brainard, Ben F  Hesston City Cemetery I282
22 Brainard, Chester Irvin  Hesston City Cemetery I486
23 Brainard, Ethel Ellen (Essley)  19 Oct 1918Hesston City Cemetery I487
24 Brainard, Mary Martha Molinda (May)  Hesston City Cemetery I488
25 Brenneman, Frederick Page  Hesston City Cemetery I376
26 Brenneman, Frederick S  Hesston City Cemetery I18
27 Brenneman, Millie E  Hesston City Cemetery I19
28 Brubaker, A D  Hesston City Cemetery I484
29 Brubaker, Susan H  Hesston City Cemetery I485
30 Bryant, Mildred (Lynch)  Hesston City Cemetery I38691
31 Bryant, Robert E Sr  Hesston City Cemetery I38690
32 Buchkoski, Judy L (Nebergall)  Hesston City Cemetery I458
33 Byler, Eli D  Hesston City Cemetery I115
34 Byler, Marian E (McFarlane)  Hesston City Cemetery I116
35 Caldwell, Silvan Lee  9 Jun 1999Hesston City Cemetery I20
36 Caldwell, Thelma LeOra (Hostetler)  12 Apr 1999Hesston City Cemetery I21
37 Carson, David Arlen  Hesston City Cemetery I36358
38 Carter, Mattie Gravel  Hesston City Cemetery I242
39 Chaple, Alberto H  Hesston City Cemetery I522
40 Chaple, John H  Hesston City Cemetery I525
41 Chaple, Maria C  Hesston City Cemetery I524
42 Chaple, Maria M  Hesston City Cemetery I523
43 Christianson, Jim D   I67
44 Christianson, Judy K (Rindt)  26 Apr 2000Hesston City Cemetery I68
45 Clinton, Emer Jesse  Hesston City Cemetery I449
46 Clinton, James Austin  Hesston City Cemetery I448
47 Cravens, Fay Louise (Dreyer)  23 Feb 2000Hesston City Cemetery I37559
48 Cummings, Charles Leland  Hesston City Cemetery I413
49 Cummings, Clifford C  27 Jan 1999Hesston City Cemetery I394
50 Cummings, Earl Maxwell  Hesston City Cemetery I390

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