Hunt Shive Cemetery



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Barbee, Jerome  Hunt Shive Cemetery I5339
2 Barbee, Rolan  Hunt Shive Cemetery I5338
3 Bradshaw, Baby June  Hunt Shive Cemetery I5306
4 Bradshaw, Lela Shive  Hunt Shive Cemetery I5307
5 Bradshaw, Myrtle  Hunt Shive Cemetery I5305
6 Bradshaw, R U  Hunt Shive Cemetery I5308
7 Dotson, Edith Valentine  Hunt Shive Cemetery I5291
8 Dotson, Infant Son  Hunt Shive Cemetery I5290
9 Dyer, Clarice Isabel  Hunt Shive Cemetery I5331
10 Dyer, Harry Andrew  Hunt Shive Cemetery I5332
11 Dyer, Laura E  Hunt Shive Cemetery I5329
12 Dyer, Lee Edward  Hunt Shive Cemetery I5330
13 Dyer, Roy E  Hunt Shive Cemetery I5328
14 Holman, James Earl  Hunt Shive Cemetery I5313
15 Holman, Xenia Way  Hunt Shive Cemetery I5312
16 Hunt, Berry W  Hunt Shive Cemetery I5321
17 Hunt, Harold V  Hunt Shive Cemetery I5334
18 Hunt, Lydia F (Gillispie)  Hunt Shive Cemetery I5335
19 Hunt, Milford E  Hunt Shive Cemetery I5320
20 Hunt, Stanley Ray  Hunt Shive Cemetery I5333
21 Hunt, Susan (Barbee)  Hunt Shive Cemetery I5322
22 Hunt, Thomas S  Hunt Shive Cemetery I5323
23 Hunt, Thomas W  Hunt Shive Cemetery I5324
24 Hunt, Wanda J (Nachtigal)  11 May 2012Hunt Shive Cemetery I36063
25 Ingold, Nadine  Hunt Shive Cemetery I5310
26 Kelly, Eva  Hunt Shive Cemetery I5337
27 Kelly, J Harry  Hunt Shive Cemetery I5336
28 Kelly, Milford E  Hunt Shive Cemetery I5326
29 Kelly, Viola  Hunt Shive Cemetery I5325
30 Kelly, Walter H  Hunt Shive Cemetery I5327
31 Roberts, Owen G  Hunt Shive Cemetery I5298
32 Shive, Avis M  Hunt Shive Cemetery I5299
33 Shive, Baxter B  Hunt Shive Cemetery I5295
34 Shive, Charles P  Hunt Shive Cemetery I5292
35 Shive, Clark H  06 Jun 1968Hunt Shive Cemetery I5300
36 Shive, Elizabeth  Hunt Shive Cemetery I5316
37 Shive, G M  Hunt Shive Cemetery I5314
38 Shive, Joseph P  Hunt Shive Cemetery I5294
39 Shive, Luther M  Hunt Shive Cemetery I5318
40 Shive, Malcolm Wendell  30 Sep 1976Hunt Shive Cemetery I5311
41 Shive, Meryl  Hunt Shive Cemetery I5304
42 Shive, Ora C  Hunt Shive Cemetery I5319
43 Shive, Richard J  Hunt Shive Cemetery I5317
44 Shive, S A E  Hunt Shive Cemetery I5302
45 Shive, Sidney L  Hunt Shive Cemetery I5296
46 Shive, Susan  Hunt Shive Cemetery I5315
47 Shive, Susan Eva  Hunt Shive Cemetery I5293
48 Shive, Vernon Harold  Hunt Shive Cemetery I5301
49 Shive, Virginia E  Hunt Shive Cemetery I5303
50 Shive, Zella  Hunt Shive Cemetery I5297

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