Lorentz-Shellenberg Family Cemetery



Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Bergen, Maria  Lorentz-Shellenberg Family Cemetery I5416
2 Borth, Maria  Lorentz-Shellenberg Family Cemetery I5414
3 Cornelson, Jacob  Lorentz-Shellenberg Family Cemetery I5388
4 Esau, Cornelius  Lorentz-Shellenberg Family Cemetery I5417
5 Gloekler,  Lorentz-Shellenberg Family Cemetery I5418
6 Janzen, Infant  Lorentz-Shellenberg Family Cemetery I5419
7 Klassen, Abraham C  Lorentz-Shellenberg Family Cemetery I5404
8 Klassen, Infant  Lorentz-Shellenberg Family Cemetery I5420
9 Lohrentz, Elizabeth (Neufeld)  Lorentz-Shellenberg Family Cemetery I5398
10 Lohrentz, Infant Son  Lorentz-Shellenberg Family Cemetery I5402
11 Lohrentz, Jacob  Lorentz-Shellenberg Family Cemetery I5391
12 Lohrentz, John M  Lorentz-Shellenberg Family Cemetery I5392
13 Lohrentz, Katharina  Lorentz-Shellenberg Family Cemetery I5393
14 Lohrentz, Katharina  Lorentz-Shellenberg Family Cemetery I5415
15 Lohrentz, Katharina Kornelsen  Lorentz-Shellenberg Family Cemetery I5390
16 Lohrentz, Maria  Lorentz-Shellenberg Family Cemetery I5394
17 Lohrentz, Peter  Lorentz-Shellenberg Family Cemetery I5389
18 Lohrentz, Peter  Lorentz-Shellenberg Family Cemetery I5399
19 Lohrentz, Peter  Lorentz-Shellenberg Family Cemetery I5397
20 Lohrentz, Peter  Lorentz-Shellenberg Family Cemetery I5395
21 Lohrentz, Susana  Lorentz-Shellenberg Family Cemetery I5396
22 Lohrenz, Agatha  Lorentz-Shellenberg Family Cemetery I5411
23 Lohrenz, Agatha Harder  Lorentz-Shellenberg Family Cemetery I5408
24 Lohrenz, Elizabeth  Lorentz-Shellenberg Family Cemetery I5410
25 Lohrenz, Henry J  Lorentz-Shellenberg Family Cemetery I5407
26 Lohrenz, John  Lorentz-Shellenberg Family Cemetery I5409
27 Lohrenz, Lester  Lorentz-Shellenberg Family Cemetery I5405
28 Lohrenz, Mary Ann  Lorentz-Shellenberg Family Cemetery I5406
29 Shellenberg, Katharina Lohrentz  Lorentz-Shellenberg Family Cemetery I5403
30 Siemens, Anna Walde  Lorentz-Shellenberg Family Cemetery I5400
31 Siemens, Jacob  Lorentz-Shellenberg Family Cemetery I5401
32 Straus, Infant  Lorentz-Shellenberg Family Cemetery I5421
33 Vogt, Infant  Lorentz-Shellenberg Family Cemetery I5412
34 Wall, Elizabeth  Lorentz-Shellenberg Family Cemetery I5386
35 Wall, John M  Lorentz-Shellenberg Family Cemetery I5387
36 Wall, Margaretha  Lorentz-Shellenberg Family Cemetery I5385
37 Wiebe, Justina Klassen  Lorentz-Shellenberg Family Cemetery I5413
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