McPherson County Kansas



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adams, Betty (Ensminger)  7 Feb 1928McPherson County Kansas I44753
2 Amstutz, Waneta Ruth (Jantz)  2 Feb 1920McPherson County Kansas I13381
3 Bachman, Ella Barbara (Ewy)  26 Jan 1903McPherson County Kansas I42149
4 Balzer, David D  30 Oct 1892McPherson County Kansas I4766
5 Bandy, Dessie Troyer  19 May 1911McPherson County Kansas I8711
6 Baxter, Violet J (Unruh)  6 Jul 1930McPherson County Kansas I43597
7 Becker, Edwin P  26 Sep 1921McPherson County Kansas I43100
8 Becker, Jake  26 Mar 1916McPherson County Kansas I37182
9 Becker, Laurence F  10 Jul 1917McPherson County Kansas I38658
10 Boese, Jacob T  29 Feb 1912McPherson County Kansas I14458
11 Boesker, Dwight L  13 Nov 1947McPherson County Kansas I3587
12 Buller, Daniel Stuart  21 Jan 1890McPherson County Kansas I18804
13 Buller, Marvin H  11 Sep 1920McPherson County Kansas I38796
14 Caldwell, Thelma LeOra (Hostetler)  22 Sep 1915McPherson County Kansas I21
15 Cochran, Mabel Gravel  18 Mar 1884McPherson County Kansas I17259
16 Decker, Frances Elma (Ratzlaff)  13 Dec 1913McPherson County Kansas I5599
17 Dirks, Bertrand C  13 Sep 1925McPherson County Kansas I38172
18 Ediger, Edward H  8 Oct 1909McPherson County Kansas I42058
19 Ediger, Henry Jacob  19 Dec 1887McPherson County Kansas I42056
20 Ediger, John Jacob  5 Apr 1885McPherson County Kansas I20672
21 Fast, Pauline (Janzen)  4 Sep 1917McPherson County Kansas I41316
22 Friesen, Dave  30 Nov 1916McPherson County Kansas I36959
23 Goering, Arthur Delbert  28 Jun 1927McPherson County Kansas I41096
24 Goering, Arthur J  30 Dec 1910McPherson County Kansas I33955
25 Goering, Eldon C  22 Dec 1921McPherson County Kansas I23845
26 Goering, Erwin Charles  13 Sep 1913McPherson County Kansas I41395
27 Goering, Evelyn D  13 Apr 1920McPherson County Kansas I37910
28 Goering, Lillie (Krehbiel)  1 May 1922McPherson County Kansas I41498
29 Goering, Melita H  4 Jan 1924McPherson County Kansas I40914
30 Goering, Milton Merl  12 Oct 1923McPherson County Kansas I16343
31 Goering, Verna M. (Kaufman)  9 Nov 1915McPherson County Kansas I41394
32 Goering, Victor R  22 Nov 1920McPherson County Kansas I39363
33 Graevs, Elizabeth  22 Nov 1904McPherson County Kansas I6263
34 Gravel, Addison  1885McPherson County Kansas I17260
35 Hartzler, Velma Nadine (Brunk)  19 Dec 1919McPherson County Kansas I38982
36 Headings, Virgie Nora (Hostetler)  9 Jun 1918McPherson County Kansas I41046
37 Helmer, Dorothy Lucille (Haas)  7 Jun 1925McPherson County Kansas I22238
38 Holdeman, Martha (Ratzlaff)  12 Aug 1922McPherson County Kansas I1311
39 Holdeman, Nina Ruth  21 Mar 1914McPherson County Kansas I38656
40 Hubin, Helen M (Schrag)  19 Mar 1926McPherson County Kansas I39910
41 Jantz, Daniel  2 Jan 1882McPherson County Kansas I32492
42 Jantz, Harvey  13 Jan 1924McPherson County Kansas I25695
43 Jantz, Marcellus J  1 May 1917McPherson County Kansas I32512
44 Jantz, Peter  1883McPherson County Kansas I9236
45 Jantzen, Elaine (Goering)  31 Aug 1928McPherson County Kansas I42021
46 Janzen, Irene Augusta (Schmidt)  8 May 1919McPherson County Kansas I41538
47 Janzen, Peter Henry  19 Dec 1885McPherson County Kansas I35130
48 Johnson, Eva E (Koehn)  9 Nov 1877McPherson County Kansas I9665
49 Johnson, Mabel  03 Jun 1907McPherson County Kansas I35706
50 Johnson, Mabel (Buller) Koehn  03 Jun 1908McPherson County Kansas I16726

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Balzer, Menno John  28 Dec 1921McPherson County Kansas I4768
2 Bramlett, Donna G  19 Jan 2002McPherson County Kansas I16979
3 Cook, Carol M Nell  08 May 2002McPherson County Kansas I34109
4 Crabtree, Maddox  1 Jun 2016McPherson County Kansas I39168
5 Fast, Wilhelmina (Miller)  12 Jul 1942McPherson County Kansas I41594
6 Flaming, Francis Wayne  9 Oct 2002McPherson County Kansas I4301
7 Gehring, Floyd P  16 Oct 1999McPherson County Kansas I37481
8 Jantz, Daniel  9 Jun 1958McPherson County Kansas I32492
9 Kasper, Larry Wayne  18 Dec 2001McPherson County Kansas I44064
10 Koehn, Susanna (Jantzen)  21 Apr 1973McPherson County Kansas I4286
11 LaGree, Clara  1947McPherson County Kansas I17266
12 LaGree, Fabian  12 Nov 1899McPherson County Kansas I17262
13 LaGree, Matt  1937McPherson County Kansas I17265
14 LaGree, Victoria  13 May 1913McPherson County Kansas I17263
15 Sauer, Anne (Krehbiel)  2001McPherson County Kansas I44575
16 Schmidt, Ruth E (Krehbiel)  26 Jun 1957McPherson County Kansas I42649
17 Schneider, Mary (Jantz)  15 Aug 1940McPherson County Kansas I42986
18 Sheffler, William Andrew  18 May 2003McPherson County Kansas I28886
19 Wenger, Absalom  19 Jul 1932McPherson County Kansas I42988


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Blosser, Katherine (King)  McPherson County Kansas I43290
2 Blosser, Rudolph G  McPherson County Kansas I43289
3 Boeckner, Dorothy (Giesbrecht)  McPherson County Kansas I43245
4 Boeckner, Eldon D  McPherson County Kansas I43244
5 Boeckner, Wilbur K  31 Jan 2020McPherson County Kansas I41967
6 Campbell, Jesse  McPherson County Kansas I43726
7 Campbell, Jodi Kay  09 Jan 2011McPherson County Kansas I33634
8 Clark, Maurice E  12 May 2008McPherson County Kansas I40711
9 Dyck, Alice E (Peters)  McPherson County Kansas I43436
10 Dyck, Clifford Yost  McPherson County Kansas I43434
11 Dyck, Fannie Elizabeth (Yost)  McPherson County Kansas I43433
12 Dyck, Jacob H  McPherson County Kansas I43432
13 Dyck, John M  6 Sep 2020McPherson County Kansas I43435
14 Friesen, Jacob M  McPherson County Kansas I4295
15 Gleysteen, Marynes 'Maryn' J  23 Jun 2008McPherson County Kansas I40569
16 Holdeman, John Faught  McPherson County Kansas I43643
17 Holdeman, Katherine Cornelia (Smith)  McPherson County Kansas I43644
18 Jantz, Adella Hazel  McPherson County Kansas I3520
19 Jantz, Anna Mae (Steiner)  McPherson County Kansas I32482
20 Jantz, Daniel  McPherson County Kansas I32492
21 Jantz, Marcellus J  McPherson County Kansas I32512
22 Jantz, Roma Ann  McPherson County Kansas I32493
23 Koehn, Anna (Holdeman)  McPherson County Kansas I41261
24 Koehn, Henry A  McPherson County Kansas I41260
25 Penner, Annabel C (Holdeman)  McPherson County Kansas I40816
26 Ratzloff, Jonas  McPherson County Kansas I42973
27 Ratzloff, Katherine (Boese)  McPherson County Kansas I42964
28 Schneider, Henry William  McPherson County Kansas I42987
29 Schneider, Marie Dorothy (Ratzloff)  McPherson County Kansas I42984
30 Schneider, Mary (Jantz)  McPherson County Kansas I42986
31 Schneider, William Frederick  McPherson County Kansas I42985
32 Wenger, Absalom  McPherson County Kansas I42988
33 Wenger, Sarah (Holdeman)  McPherson County Kansas I42989
34 Wiens, Henry K  McPherson County Kansas I21876
35 Wiggers, Eula Letty (Unruh)  McPherson County Kansas I38949
36 Wiggers, Oma Anna  12 Dec 2014McPherson County Kansas I37978
37 Wiggers, Wayne Willard  9 Sep 2005McPherson County Kansas I38950
38 Ziinn, Lydia Nora (Hinkle)  22 Apr 1997McPherson County Kansas I42410


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Ediger / Ediger  12 Sep 1943McPherson County Kansas F219
2 Green / Greene  Mar 1880McPherson County Kansas F25117
3 Koehn / Johnson  08 Jan 1928McPherson County Kansas F35886
4 Regier / Regier  8 Feb 1880McPherson County Kansas F36928
5 Stucky / Stucky  21 Oct 1906McPherson County Kansas F1389
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