Restlawn Gardens of Memory



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Abbott, Florence (Lantis)  Restlawn Gardens of Memory I5970
2 Abbott, Louis E  4 Apr 2005Restlawn Gardens of Memory I5971
3 Abrahams, Adaline Ruth (Funk)  07 Mar 2012Restlawn Gardens of Memory I6074
4 Abrahams, Barry Lawton  Restlawn Gardens of Memory I39052
5 Abrahams, Edward Allen  Restlawn Gardens of Memory I6075
6 Abrahams, Elmer Cecil  Restlawn Gardens of Memory I6072
7 Abrahams, Hazel F (Porter)  Restlawn Gardens of Memory I6073
8 Adams, Arlene M (Esau)  Restlawn Gardens of Memory I36404
9 Adams, Harold V  Restlawn Gardens of Memory I36405
10 Adrian, Helen E (Moran)  Restlawn Gardens of Memory I36407
11 Adrian, Otto  4 Jan 2008Restlawn Gardens of Memory I36408
12 Akers, Howard Brooks  Restlawn Gardens of Memory I5759
13 Akers, Opal Edna  13 Oct 2004Restlawn Gardens of Memory I5760
14 Akers, Richard Henry  11 Jan 2001Restlawn Gardens of Memory I5761
15 Akins, Ronnie G  Restlawn Gardens of Memory I5751
16 Albrecht, Erwin A  Restlawn Gardens of Memory I5847
17 Albrecht, Magdalene E  Restlawn Gardens of Memory I5848
18 Alexander, Arthur L  20 Nov 1998Restlawn Gardens of Memory I5675
19 Alexander, Joyce E (Maberry)  Restlawn Gardens of Memory I5676
20 Allen, Orlando James  Restlawn Gardens of Memory I6060
21 Altum, Hazel (Madison) Zinn  14 Aug 2004Restlawn Gardens of Memory I6341
22 Altum, Russell Eugene  Restlawn Gardens of Memory I6342
23 Alumbaugh, Eva M (Kinnear)  Restlawn Gardens of Memory I5581
24 Alumbaugh, Herbert L  Restlawn Gardens of Memory I5582
25 Alumbaugh, Nathaniel Lynn  25 Mar 2013Restlawn Gardens of Memory I36697
26 Anderson, Clarence M  Restlawn Gardens of Memory I5958
27 Anderson, Elsie M (Reimer)  28 Jul 1999Restlawn Gardens of Memory I5959
28 Anderson, Jerry David  2 Apr 1986Restlawn Gardens of Memory I6489
29 Anderson, Pat  Restlawn Gardens of Memory I6490
30 Androes, Anna  Restlawn Gardens of Memory I5985
31 Androes, Anna Enns  Restlawn Gardens of Memory I5986
32 Androes, Isaac B  Restlawn Gardens of Memory I5987
33 Angle, Agnes Bertha (Williams)  Restlawn Gardens of Memory I5636
34 Angle, Pearly Carlisle  Restlawn Gardens of Memory I5637
35 Annett, Irene (Moulds)  Restlawn Gardens of Memory I5721
36 Annett, John  Restlawn Gardens of Memory I5722
37 Arthur, Dwane McCray  Restlawn Gardens of Memory I36409
38 Arthur, Ned Richard  8 Oct 2002Restlawn Gardens of Memory I36410
39 Ashcraft, Clara M (Cleaver)  Restlawn Gardens of Memory I6167
40 Ashcraft, H Leroy  18 Apr 2014Restlawn Gardens of Memory I6168
41 Atkins, Floyd Clegg  Restlawn Gardens of Memory I6150
42 Bachman, Dale Vernon  Restlawn Gardens of Memory I5851
43 Bachman, Donovan Dean  5 Oct 2016Restlawn Gardens of Memory I39504
44 Bachman, Elda L (Wiens)  Restlawn Gardens of Memory I5852
45 Bachman, Helen Elizabeth (Goertzen)  20 May 2019Restlawn Gardens Of Memory I34235
46 Baeumel, Edith G  Restlawn Gardens of Memory I5605
47 Baeumel, William E  Restlawn Gardens of Memory I5606
48 Bafus, Dorothy M (Gaiser)  Restlawn Gardens of Memory I5685
49 Bafus, William H  Restlawn Gardens of Memory I5686
50 Bainum, Alice M  Restlawn Gardens of Memory I6208

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Lewis, Albert  08 Jun 1900Restlawn Gardens of Memory I11059
2 Lewis, Clark L  10 May 1910Restlawn Gardens of Memory I10786
3 Viersen, Claude J  02 Apr 1930Restlawn Gardens of Memory I15114
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