Valley Center Kansas


Latitude: 37.8347342, Longitude: -97.3733759


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Fontella W. Rickman  1899Valley Center Kansas I15901
2 Anderson, Nathaniel  16 Feb 1896Valley Center Kansas I15940
3 Berry, Grover J  12 Nov 1919Valley Center Kansas I11374
4 Galle, Lillian Frances  5 Mar 1933Valley Center Kansas I41376
5 Galle, Lorraine   I36228
6 Gibbens, Shirley June (Robbins)  27 Feb 1935Valley Center Kansas I39345
7 Gonzalez, John Lee  20 Jul 1925Valley Center Kansas I35738
8 Hills, Verna Lee (Talbott)  24 Jan 1933Valley Center Kansas I3340
9 Hobble, Don H  30 Oct 1925Valley Center Kansas I13440
10 Jewell, Carl L  22 Feb 1900Valley Center Kansas I1842
11 Johns, Vera M (Bastow)  22 Aug 1931Valley Center Kansas I38416
12 Lewis, Reeves R.  17 Oct 1912Valley Center Kansas I34462
13 Loyd, Charles M  02 Jul 1914Valley Center Kansas I36053
14 Loyd, Paul Torrence  26 Jun 1917Valley Center Kansas I25056
15 Offutt, Lucy Rickman  21 Sept 1897Valley Center Kansas I21652
16 Randall, Virginia (Million)  4 Oct 1911Valley Center Kansas I15380
17 Reif, Patricia J (Legan)  17 Sep 1935Valley Center Kansas I3444
18 Rickman, Bertha Louisa  08 Dec 1889Valley Center Kansas I21649
19 Rickman, Clifford Leroy  11 Nov 1891Valley Center Kansas I21650
20 Rickman, Theodore J.  07 May 1895Valley Center Kansas I21651
21 Rodriguez, Dolores (Gomez)  10 Apr 1941Valley Center Kansas I35975
22 Vanscoder, Josephine L  08 Jul 1924Valley Center Kansas I13425
23 Walker, May Pauline Rickman  17 Aug 1905Valley Center Kansas I21654
24 Work, Helen G. Rickman  23 Nov 1902Valley Center Kansas I21653


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barnett, Karen Larita (Brown)  7 Aug 2014Valley Center Kansas I37691
2 Bazil, Howard Eugene  15 Jul 2008Valley Center Kansas I36174
3 Carter, Sharmen E  21 May 2002Valley Center Kansas I872
4 Everley, James E  16 Oct 2020Valley Center Kansas I13857
5 Freed, Linda Delia (Box)  28 May 1998Valley Center Kansas I36976
6 Gibbens, James Edward  31 Oct 2007Valley Center Kansas I13695
7 Grattan, Bewnjamin James  15 Feb 2007Valley Center Kansas I36110
8 Hague, Gilberta V (Hughes)  17 Jul 1937Valley Center Kansas I40586
9 Hazen, Catherine (Spencer)  23 Mar 2014Valley Center Kansas I14096
10 Hochstetler, Jonathan Paul  8 Jun 2021Valley Center Kansas I43923
11 Ireland, Orris R  18 Feb 2007Valley Center Kansas I11836
12 Jacob, Muriel Ann Vanley  14 Sep 2012Valley Center Kansas I38018
13 Jones, Gilbert Dwight  18 Dec 2014Valley Center Kansas I37982
14 LaGree, Gary D  15 Nov 2009Valley Center Kansas I33147
15 Luna, Reda (Halcomb)  20 Aug 2013Valley Center Kansas I36802
16 Marshall, Shirley Patricia (Rossiter)  26 May 1998Valley Center Kansas I25825
17 Miller, Charles Edward  3 Feb 2020Valley Center Kansas I42526
18 Plumer, Marjorie M  31 Jan 2012Valley Center Kansas I12924
19 Rapp, Grace Egy  03 Jan 1958Valley Center Kansas I25542
20 Ratzlaff, Betty Jane (Pankratz)  23 Nov 2019Valley Center Kansas I41846
21 Schroeder, Arlo Elmer  17 Dec 2013Valley Center Kansas I3341
22 Scott, Mary Ellen (McCoy)  4 Apr 2012Valley Center Kansas I7082
23 Seiler, Paul Francis  11 Dec 2010Valley Center Kansas I33575
24 Sonneveldt, Peter J  23 Jan 2008Valley Center Kansas I14020


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Alden, Edna Wella (Warkentin)  11 Dec 1967Valley Center Kansas I17309
2 Alden, Maurice LeRoy  4 Aug 1934Valley Center Kansas I15798
3 Baumann, Michael D.  01 Dec 2009Valley Center Kansas I35184
4 Bessmer, Charles William  Valley Center Kansas I19766
5 Bessmer, Florence  Valley Center Kansas I19767
6 Bessmer, John George  Valley Center Kansas I19768
7 Bessmer, Rosina (Kautz)  Valley Center Kansas I18151
8 Brandt, Marcia Ann Humphrey  16 Oct 1953Valley Center Kansas I19943
9 Branine, Alden E  Valley Center Kansas I19778
10 Brooker, Lillian Aldean (Green)  Valley Center Kansas I17218
11 Carter, Edith A.  Valley Center Kansas I19794
12 Carter, Joanna Louise  06 Mar 1937Valley Center Kansas I19795
13 Carter, William Raymond  Valley Center Kansas I19791
14 Carter, William W.  25 Nov 1931Valley Center Kansas I19790
15 Clawson, Clara A. (Gunnderson)  10 Feb 1945Valley Center Kansas I19801
16 Clawson, Jacob Wilson  18 Oct 1954Valley Center Kansas I19802
17 Collins, Edgar  Valley Center Kansas I19804
18 Crandall, Robert Sherman  Valley Center Kansas I17292
19 Crandall, Virginia Whitehead  Valley Center Kansas I17294
20 Foltz, Ida Ann Schilt  Valley Center Kansas I17227
21 Foltz, Josiah  Valley Center Kansas I17226
22 Fryar, Everett George  Valley Center Kansas I34116
23 Fryar, George Francis  Valley Center Kansas I34113
24 Fryar, Mabel L (Koestel)  Valley Center Kansas I34117
25 Fryar, Malinda March (Hefling)  Valley Center Kansas I34112
26 Fryar, Vera Marie  Valley Center Kansas I34114
27 Hanlin, S. A.  Valley Center Kansas I17275
28 Harwood, June Rose (Prouty)  Valley Center Kansas I17123
29 Huuss, Henry J.  Valley Center Kansas I17157
30 Janzen, Kelli Renee (Kotzman)  Valley Center Kansas I3296
31 LaGree, Azilda E. Murray  Valley Center Kansas I17267
32 LaGree, William  Valley Center Kansas I17264
33 McFarlane, Nita Myrtle (Prouty)  12 Dec 1960Valley Center Kansas I17122
34 Myers, Ira L.  Valley Center Kansas I35790
35 Plenert, Harold Roy  Valley Center Kansas I40936
36 Prouty, Arthur Tribute  Valley Center Kansas I17121
37 Prouty, Elvira Orlean (Mannon)  26 Dec 1959Valley Center Kansas I17120
38 Prouty, Henry Wallace  15 Aug 1942Valley Center Kansas I17103
39 Ratzlaff, Betty Jane (Pankratz)  Valley Center Kansas I41846
40 Ross, Bertha Clara (Fryar)  Valley Center Kansas I34115
41 Ross, Charles Richard  Valley Center Kansas I34119
42 Ross, Fay Preston  Valley Center Kansas I34118
43 Scott, Carl E.  19 Oct 1972Valley Center Kansas I17269
44 Scott, Mabel M. LaGree  21 Feb 1973Valley Center Kansas I17268
45 Smith, Michael J  Valley Center Kansas I33375
46 Tieszen, Wileta M. (Voran)  Valley Center Kansas I31185
47 Warkentin, Bernard  Valley Center Kansas I17307
48 Warkentin, Carl Bernhard  Valley Center Kansas I17310
49 Warkentin, Frances J Glendening  Valley Center Kansas I17311
50 Warkentin, Wilhelmina Eisenmayer  Valley Center Kansas I17308

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Bennett, Edgar C  Valley Center Kansas I19764
2 Bennett, Mary Prudence (Major)  Valley Center Kansas I19765
3 Parkhurst, Aaron Wallace  19 Jun 1933Valley Center Kansas I32186
4 Parkhurst, Sarah Ann (Green)  20 May 1932Valley Center Kansas I32187


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Giffin, Elmon A  13 Jun 1900Valley Center Kansas I12472
2 Giffin, Elmon A  27 Apr 1910Valley Center Kansas I12472
3 Giffin, Elmon A  1920Valley Center Kansas I12472
4 Phillips, Elizabeth  01 Mar 1875Valley Center Kansas I2404

SS #

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    SS #    Person ID 
1 Jones, James G  4 Sep 1999Valley Center Kansas I7900


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Adamson / Adamson  18 Jun 1881Valley Center Kansas F34533
2 Burris / Burris  31 Dec 1963Valley Center Kansas F36492
3 Jacbs / Vanley   F37647
4 Jacob / Jacob  13 Mar 1950Valley Center Kansas F37648
5 Kennedy / Kennedy  1911Valley Center Kansas F35735
6 McCabe / McCabe  29 May 1927Valley Center Kansas F34909
7 Rickman / Rickman  06 Dec 1888Valley Center Kansas F21660
8 Schroeder / Schroeder  12 May 1931Valley Center Kansas F4045
9 Sitts / Sitts  20 Dec 1936Valley Center Kansas F34730
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