Roadside Crosses in Harvey County, Kansas


Many roadside memorials have been placed in Harvey County over the years.  Many more deaths from railroad accidents were never marked by a roadside cross.

This page is dedicated to the memory of those whose lives were effected by these roadside accidents in Harvey County.  Information for this page was derived from the book, Sudden Stops:  Roadside Crosses in Harvey County by Darren McMannis.

Otto D. Truman

Came For The Body Accompanied by an undertaker the brother of Otto Truman, the young man who was killed in the yards here Wednesday morning (July 15), arrived from Ottawa last evening.  The body was prepared for shipment and was taken east on train No. 18 last night. ...

Roy Dunlap

Boy Killed At Newton.  Accident Similar to One Here on Same Day.  Roy Dunlap, a call boy employed by the Santa Fe yards at Newton, Tuesday. The accident which caused his death was very similar to that which caused the death of Frank Chaney, in this city, Tuesday.  It...

David Sheridan

D.C. Sheridan, a young man about 18 years of age, was run over by a Santa Fe freight train in the Newton yards and received injuries which will probably result in his death.  The young man was on his way from Leadville to his home in Springfield, Mo.  He was beating...

William Bonner

William Bonner, a Santa Fe conductor, was recently run over and killed by a switch engine at Newton. (The Kinsley Graphic, June 2, 1893.  Page 1).

Johann Broer

A man, name not learned, was run over and killed by the passenger train at Newton last night.  The particulars as told our reporter by the newsboy on the train are that the man was a section hand and that he attempted to crawl through under the foremost passenger car...

P.H. Flemming

Fatal Accident Monday evening of this week, about 7:30 o'clock, a man about thirty years of age, by the name of P.H. Flemming, fell between two freight cars of an out-going freight train, which was located upon the second south sided switch, at this place, the wheels...

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