A Kansas Tragedy

About five o’clock, on Thursday evening, a row occurred in a Saloon at Sedgwick, Kan., between two men named Taylor and Keener, who have been stopping about that town for a few weeks.  The parties were separated and left the house.  A short time afterwards, Taylor and a friend, named Merrel, crossed the street and was entering a store.  Just at the time, Keener happened to pass by.  Taylor seeing him, took a few steps in that direction, and attempted to shoot Keener, but the pistol did not fire.  Keener caught him and both fell to the ground, and in a few minutes Keener arose with the revolver.  Taylor and Merrell started for the store door.  Just as they were entering Keener shot at Taylor, and killed Merrell, the ball having passed through the breast.  Merrell took a few steps in the store, remarking that he was shot in the heart.

Keener went to the hotel where he was boarding and worked.  During this time the officers were making preparations to arrest him, but before they could proceed to the hotel Keener came out and went to the store in which Taylor and Merrell ran, and asked for Taylor, but before he could see him two men caught him and took the revolver away; and while they were yet holding him, Taylor, who had been standing in another part of the store, came up behind them and shot Keener in the head, killing him instantly.

Taylor was immediately arrested and will be dealt with according to law.  The citizens are horror-stricken over the matter, as this is the first thing that has ever occurred to mar the peace and quietness of the place.  (The Daily Missouri Democrat, St. Louis, Missouri.  Monday, January 29, 1872.  Page 3.)

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