Murder in Harvey County, Kansas


Robberies and thefts are generally non-lethal encounters, even when a weapon is used for intimidation or control.  When a thief feels threatened or fears he may be identified, sometimes the encounter turns unnecessarily deadly.

This page is dedicated to the memory of those who were murdered due to robberies, thefts, and burglaries.

Nathan Oliphant

Nathan Oliphant was from Newton.  He went to Topeka and attempted to rob a store but in the process killed owner Alonzo & Malvina Rogers, who lived above the shop.  When caught, he was immediately lynched by the citizens of Topeka. Two Lynchings A burglar entered...

Adam Kuntz

Knocked Down and Robbed Adam Kuntz was found about six o’clock this morning near the Atchison company’s coal chute, in a semi-unconscious state.  It was at first thought that Adam had been struck by a train, but when he was taken home Dr. Seaton could find no injuries...

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