Murder in Harvey County, Kansas


Sometimes fights have broken out between friends, and other fights have been between strangers.  These are often spontaneous, anger-fueled events which take small annoyances and inflate them into major conflagrations which, sadly, end in the death of one of both of the parties involved.

This page is dedicated to the memory of those who were murdered due to these fights and quarrels.

Matthew Ryan Schrag

Blanchette Guilty of Schrag Murder The man accused of beating 23-year-old Matthew Schrag to death with a baseball bat said little Monday afternoon after he pleaded guilty to the Jan. 23 murder. Robert Blanchette, 26, stood next to defense attorney Sarah McKinnon as...

Benjamin Ball

Serious Affray A cutting affray took place at Seaman's Livery Stable in this city, last Saturday night.  James Wilson, a farm hand, living north of town, cutting Benjamin Ball, an employee in the livery stable, in the pit of the stomach and also on the neck and face. ...

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