Murder in Harvey County, Kansas


Some children in Harvey County have been intentionally killed by their parents.  In some cases children were killed before taking their first breath, while other babies have been born only to face the terror of neglect or abuse in their final moments of life.

This page is dedicated to the memory of those children who have been murdered by those people entrusted to care for them.

Baby DeLong & Letha Ann DeLong

Quizz Hutchinson Woman In Death Wife of Burrton Oil Field Worker Is Victim of Local Abortionist.  J. Rodney Stone, Harvey county attorney from Newton, was expected to arrive here late this afternoon to question a Hutchinson woman in connection with the death of Mrs....

Baby Girl

Yesterday morning soon after the train had left going west, some boys found a short distance from the water tank a three or four months old baby.  Mayor Cone was called and, taking it to his office, Dr. Shive and others were called in to decide what had best be done...

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