Fires In Harvey County, Kansas

Harvey County communities have battled fires to their homes, businesses, Churches, and other structures throughout the years, as well as the grass fires raging through the countryside.  While there have been some fatalities and serious burns as a result, most often the devastating loss was to property.  Fires within the county are described on this timeline.  Fire fatalities are highlighted.

This page is dedicated to the memory of those whose lives were effected by these fires in Harvey County. 

~ Duane F. McGinn

One person is dead after a structure fire July 20 at the McGinn residence at 1216 South Spring Lake Road east of Halstead. At about 10:09 a.m. a 911 call was made that there was a fire at the location. “We came out on a structure fire with a possible entrapment,” said...

Burrton Produce Company

Considerable damage resulted from a fire that broke out at the Burrton Produce Co. building at Burrton.  The flames were thought to have had their origin from a defective flue.  The Hutchinson News, Hutchinson, Kansas.  February 24, 1923.  Page 2.

~ Eva Erb

Burns Fatal To Girl.  Eva, the ten-year-old daughter of T.M. Erb, died from the effects of burns received in a gasoline explosion, which occurred at her home north of Newton.  The father is in a critical condition from burns received in an effort to save his...

Fire On East Eighth

About eight o'clock this morning the fire department was called to the home of Mrs. Liddie Travis at 424 East Eighth street and found her house in flames.  The water was unsatisfactory at first and the kitchen of the small one story building was destroyed and the roof...

Grass Fire Nears Burrton

Near Burrton, Harvey County, a few days ago, a fire got away from parties who were burning guards, and took everything before it, burning houses, barns, hay, and in fact everything, and carried by the gale of wind that was blowing at the time, made rapid progress...

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