We understand that in a certain school district in this county, the directors have closed the school house against religious services being held there.  In a new country like this and where the people are opening new farms, and many of them with very limited means, our school houses should be opened for religious services.  The Church as well as the school is a great civilizer, and civilization in every country has been a failure without the Church.  No man in these times of progressive thought, and an observer of the true elements that go to make up society in its best places, cannot but see that every movement against the interest of the Christian Church is an encouragement to vice and undermining of the foundations of moral order, and a drifting away into a sea of dark and troublesome waters without star or compass.  What makes England and this country so far in the advance of all other nationalities in every interest connected with the progress and prosperity of this age, is the power and influence of the Christian Church leavening the great mass of society.  Take this away and on every political and Christian altar would soon be written, “Ichabod,” the glory is departed.  The Newton Kansan, Newton, Kansas.  November 13, 1879.  Page 2.

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