Fatal Accident

Monday evening of this week, about 7:30 o’clock, a man about thirty years of age, by the name of P.H. Flemming, fell between two freight cars of an out-going freight train, which was located upon the second south sided switch, at this place, the wheels of the car passing over his head, completely severing the face, from the mouth up, from the head, while the remainder of the head was mashed in the worst conceivable manner.  Flemming had come up from Winfield just a few minutes before, and appears to have been attempting to effect an entrance into a freight car through one of the end doors, and thereby steal a ride west, but being somewhat intoxicated the jerking of the cars threw him from his footing, and he fell to be instantly killed.  Papers and letters of different kinds upon his person told who he was and that he was the last year in the employ of the A.T. & S.F. R. R. Company at Topeka, as a freight brakeman.  We have seen some sad sights of the kind during our life time, but we believe this one, so far as it went, rather excelled them all.  Parties who were standing near when the accident occurred say that the man actually hollowed after his head had been crushed as related above.  He was buried in the cemetery at this place.  (The Newton Kansan, Newton, Kansas.  Thursday, July 1, 1880.  Page 3).

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