The Sun Outdone

The Electric Light Plant A Grand Success.  The Vigorous City of Burrton Illuminated as Well as Any City in the West.  Light Displays Miles of Streets and Fine Business Blocks.  

Burrton, Kansas, March 9 – Burrton is the most brilliant city of 1,000 people tonight, perhaps on earth.  The streets, business houses, and many of the residences of the place are lighted by hundreds of lights furnished by the Accumulator electric system, put in by the Interstate Electric Company of Kansas City.  The plant is in charge of W. F. Stocker; W. O. VanArsdale, local manager.  Representatives from Wichita, Newton, Hutchinson, Halstead, and Nickerson are here.  The representative citizens of Burrton, Mayor Johns, M. L. Sherpy of the Graphic, J. E. Howard, W. O. VanArsdale, and H. Emerson, acting as a reception committee, met invited guests at the train and did the honors of the occasion, conducting visitors through the city.  The electric light is the center of attraction.  At 10 o’clock all met at the Radix House where a splendid supper was spread with fifty covers.  Guests were welcomed to the city and the festive board by Mayor Johns on behalf of Burrton and responses were made by representatives of the press and other visitors, including Bently and Wise of the Midland railroad.  Burrton bounds to the fore in point of enterprise with its electric light, which is a grand success.  Its opera house, its banks, and miles of graded streets and scores of splendid buildings is not surpassed by any city in the State of ten times its population.  The Wichita Eagle, Wichita, Kansas.  March 10, 1888.  Page 2.

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