An Old Man Killed.  Santa Fe Train Ran Over An Octogenarian East of Newton.

A man named Bartlett, 80 years of age, was killed by Santa Fe engine No 830, just beyond Newton day before yesterday.  The train left Hutchinson at 11:18 but lost some time at Newton and when the accident occurred it was running at the rate of fifty miles an hour and as the road ran directly across the track at a sharp curve in a deep cut at the foot of the hill, it was impossible for the engineer to see the buggy in which the man was riding until the engine was upon it.  The pilot of the engine struck the front wheel of the buggy, throwing the man on one side of the track and the horse on the other.  The train was stopped as soon as possible and the train crew and several passengers went back to where the body lay.  It was found that his skull was crushed and his face and body terribly bruised.  The horse had been thrown against a bank and his neck broken.  (The Wichita Daily Eagle, Wichita Kansas.  November 14, 1895.  Page 5).

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