Boy Killed At Newton.  Accident Similar to One Here on Same Day.  Roy Dunlap, a call boy employed by the Santa Fe yards at Newton, Tuesday.

The accident which caused his death was very similar to that which caused the death of Frank Chaney, in this city, Tuesday.  It is remarkable coincidence that these two accidents, so much alike, should happen in the same manner, the same day, to employees of the same company and in adjoining towns.  While Dunlap lay dying in Newton, the accident which killed Chaney happened here.  Dunlap was about 16 years old and was call boy at the Santa Fe depot at Newton.  About 11:40, Tuesday, he started to deliver some message in the yards, and stepped upon the foot-board was covered with ice, and his feet slipped, causing him to fall in front of the engine.  He fell on his back, with his lower limbs inside the rails.  When the engine struck him he was rolled several feet, then was passed over by the engine and seven cars.  His right limb was almost severed from his body and his abdomen was badly injured.  He was taken to his home, where he died about 2:45 p.m.  (The Wichita Daily Eagle, Wichita KS.  February 5, 1903.  Page 5).

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