Fatal Accident On Main Street
Four-Year-Old Ruby Weber Ran Over by Car Driven by Edward Cressler.  Died In Short Time.  Was Rushed to Hospital – Fatal Car Stopped in Few Feet.  Ruby Weber, the four-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Weber, 1225 Main, was almost instantly killed when she was knocked down and run over shortly after one o’clock today by the Hudson coach driven by Edward Cressler, son of Dr. and Mrs. E. P. Cressler, near Eleventh and Main.  The child was picked up, and put in the car of Adolph Hay, who happened on the scene of the accident, and taken to the Axtell Christian Hospital, where she died a few minutes afterwards.  Death was due to her head being crushed, it was said at the hospital.  The child had started home with Irene Weigand, little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Weigand, who have a grocery store at Eleventh and Main, when the accident occurred.  Young Cressler was driving north.  Ruby saw the car, seemed to get frightened and stopped, then the bumper of the car struck her, knocked her down, and the rear wheel passed over her head, according to Mr. Hay, who in his car was also driving north, and witnessed the accident.  Cressler was not driving at a rapid rate of speed, Mr. Hay said.  “We saw the car, I told her to wait and we stopped at the curb, and then she jerked away and started to run across the street, got scared and stopped,” was the way little Irene Weigand told of the accident.  Ruby was going to eat dinner with Irene.  Young Cressler stopped his car as soon as he could after striking the child, possibly fifty feet according to witnesses.  Mrs. A. E. Rockhold who was sitting on her porch almost opposite the scene of the accident, said she did not see the child when she was struck, but saw the car stop, and then saw the child lying in the road.  Ruby is one of four children of Mr. and Mrs. Weber, there being two older brothers and a baby in the family.  Mr. Weber is employed as news agent for the Fred Harvey company.  He was out on his run today, and a message telling him of his little daughter’s death was sent to call him home.  The body was taken to the undertaking establishment of Duff and Son.  The Evening Kansan-Republican, Newton KS. August 24, 1925.  Page 1.

Coroner’s Inquest Into Child’s Death
A coroner’s inquest was being held in the county attorney’s office at the time of going to press to inquire into the facts surrounding the death of Ruby Weber, four-year-old child of Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Weber, 1225 Main.  Ruby was killed Monday afternoon when she started to cross the street in front of her home and was knocked down and run over by a Hudson car driven by Edward Cressler, young son of Dr. and Mrs. E. P. Cressler.  Adolph Hay took the child to the Axtell hospital, where she died almost immediately from fracture of the skull at the base.  A number of witnesses had been called to appear at the county attorney’s office at 2 o’clock at the inquest before Dr. R. H. Hertzler, county coroner.  The jury called for this case was composed of:  James D. Nicholson, Merle Oliver, Dick Hogan, Tom Dillman, Phil Anderson, and E. G. Hamilton.  The Evening Kansan-Republican, Newton KS.  August 25, 1925.  Page 1.

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