Shot And Killed.  Last Tuesday evening about 8 o’clock, a man named Daniel Daugherty, aged about 24 years, shot and killed himself just south of the railroad round house in this city, and west of what is known as the two water tank tubs.  As to the apparent intent of the deed, we find a difference of opinion; some of those who were near by at the time claiming that it was a suicide, while others claim that it was purely accidental, and that he being somewhat intoxicated at the time, in attempting to get a large navy revolver, with which he killed himself, into his right breast or side pocket, discharged the same.  At any rate he shot himself in the right breast, and died so suddenly that he never knew what hurt him.  Daugherty was a comparative stranger here, but had a few comrade friends, who say his home was in Nashua, New Hampshire.  He was a day laborer, and is said to have worked recently in the country near town, and to where he is thought by some to have been en route at the time of his tragic death.  The Newton Kansan, Newton, Kansas.  Thursday, July 5, 1877.  Page 3.

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