Shooting Likely To Prove Fatal
One Colored Woman Now In Hospital; Another Is In Jail.  Jealousy The Cause.  Myrtle Gray Fired Several Shots On Public Street This Morning.  

As a result of a shooting scrape, bred in what is reported to be a case of jealousy and possible misdeeds, Mrs. Mondjoy, a colored woman is lying at the point of death and asked a hospital, and Myrtle Gray also colored is in the County jail awaiting the outcome of the result of her deed.  This morning about eight o’clock a number of people who were coming to work and the residence about the corner of Ninth and Main streets were surprised to hear for shots fired in quick succession and to see one colored woman following up another and trying to pound her over the head with the revolver.  Myrtle Gray, who lives at 424 W. 12th St., and works at Murphy’s restaurant, and Mrs. Janie Mondjoy, who lives at 1609 Plum St., were on their way to their work. The reporter did not learn where Mrs. Mondjoy was working.  Trouble that has been brewing for several months between the two women was renewed and Myrtle Gray whipped out her gun and fired four shots at Mrs. Mondjoy.  The first shot went wild but the other three struck the victim, one in the left arm, one in the left lung, and one in the skull near the left ear. Even though probably mortally wounded the woman ran east on Ninth Street with the other hitting her over the head with her revolver until she made a miss with the result that she dropped her gun.  She then picked up the gun and put it back in the belt were she carried it, and started on her way to work as if nothing unusual had happened, walking on by several of the eyewitnesses to the tragedy, while the other woman was put into J. P. Shacklett’s paint wagon, which happened along just then, and was taken to Axtell Hospital where she was cared for.  Deputy Sheriff Howard Smith was outside the jail, and hearing the shots so near, went out to the street and stopped the Gray girl, who at first denied any knowledge of the affair but when he opened her coat front and saw the revolver he took her to the County jail and locked her up.  The trouble as nearly as could be learned was because of alleged attentions to the injured woman’s husband by the Gray girl.  Mrs. Mondjoy has always been known as a quiet, hard-working woman and is a niece of Mrs. Dan Cason, a well-respected colored woman.  Mr. Mondjoy, husband of the woman who was shot is operating a scavenger business in the city, and so far as information leads, has never been by any means considered a bad man, but seems to be a decent and respectable Negro.  When seen by a reporter at the jail and asked why she did the shooting, the Gray girl refused to talk saying she was so advised by her attorney.  It was stated that persons on the street in the vicinity of the shooting narrowly escaped being struck with some of the bullets.  The Evening Kansan-Republican, Newton, Kansas.   January 2, 1918. Page 1.

Victim Of Shooting Scrape Died Today
Means Charge of Murder Against Myrtle Gray, Her Assailant.  Mrs. Jane Mondjoy, wife of Enoch Mondjoy, succumbed this morning about two o’clock to the fatal wounds she received when shot three times by Myrtle Gray on Wednesday morning as she was on her way downtown to her employment.  Her death occurred at Axtell Hospital to which place he was taken immediately after the tragedy. No arrangements have been made for her funeral.  Mrs. Mondjoy is known to all her friends as a young woman of quiet demeanor and a most pleasing appearance. She had always been thorough in her work, with the desire to please and be most helpful, it has been stated, and her modest and becoming life has made the tragedy even more deplorable.  The woman who took her life is in the County jail awaiting her trial.  The Evening Kansan-Republican, Newton, Kansas.   January 7, 1918. Page 1.

A Formal Charge of Murder Filed
Slayer of Jane Mondjoy to Be Given Preliminary On Friday.  Following the death of Mrs. Jennie Mondjoy yesterday morning, County Attorney Kelly filed formal charges against Myrtle Gray yesterday charging murder in the first degree and her preliminary trial will probably be held on Friday and she will probably be held in the County jail until the February term of court.  The Evening Kansan-Republican, Newton, Kansas.  January 8, 1918. Page 1.

Myrtle Gray Bound Over Without Bail
Myrtle Gray, slayer of Mrs. Mondjoy, was given a preliminary hearing before Justice Linnens this forenoon, and after the presentation of the alleged facts by County Attorney Kelley, the judge remanded the defendant back to the County jail without bail, for trial at the February term of the District Court. The defense offered no evidence whatever at the preliminary. H. C. Bowman has been retained by the defendant as attorney.  There has been considerable rumor and gossip about the alleged insanity plea being considered, but so far as the Kansan can learn, no definite line of defense has been made a matter of publicity.  The Evening Kansan-Republican, Newton, Kansas.  January 12, 1918. Page 1.

Second Chapter In Murder Case
Enoch Mondjoy Arrested As An Accessory In Death of His Wife.  Colored Man Accused of Influencing Myrtle Gray to Do Killing.  Enoch Mondjoy was arrested last night by the County officers on a warrant issued by County attorney L. C. Kelley, charging him with being an accessory before the fact in the murder of his wife, Janie Mondjoy, who was shot and killed on the street early in January, by Myrtle Gray, who is awaiting trial in the District Court on it charge of murder in the first degree.  It is charged in the complaint that Mondjoy, who was intimate with Myrtle Gray, told the Gray woman that following certain trouble that she and Mondjoy’s wife had had, that she could kill her and plead self-defense and avoid prosecution. This, it is alleged, is a part of his ploy to dispose of his wife so that he could marry Myrtle Gray. The state expects to show that Myrtle Gray was finally influenced by Mondjoy to adopt his plan, and following this impulse she laid in wait to kill Mrs. Mondjoy.  The date of the trial is not yet set. It is not known if the case can be prepared for this term of court or not. Both the lawyers for the defense and County Attorney Kelley are working on the evidence and will bring Mondjoy to trial as soon as possible, since this is his wish. He is confined in the County jail awaiting trial.  Myrtle Gray will be tried Monday morning before Judge F. F. Prigg in regular session of District Court. The Evening Kansan-Republican, Newton, Kansas.  February 15, 1918. Page 1.

Myrtle Gray Is Given 25 Years
Pleaded Guilty to Second Degree Murder This Afternoon.  Husband of Her Victim Is Being held As An Accessory.  Myrtle Gray, the colored woman who killed Mrs. Janie Mondjoy by shooting her some time ago, and who has been held in jail pending trial, this afternoon entered a plea of guilty before Judge Prigg in District Court and was sentenced to the State penitentiary for 25 years.  Enoch Mondjoy, husband of the murdered woman, is now under arrest as being an accessory before the fact, and as having influenced to some extent the killing.  The plea of guilty made by the Gray woman was on a second-degree charge, and it has been stated that in all probability the sentence of 25 years will in reality mean a life sentence.  The case has attracted a great deal of attention, especially among the colored people of the city, and the court room was crowded with them this forenoon and up to the time the plea was received by the court.  The Evening Kansan-Republican, Newton, Kansas.  February 18, 1918. Page 1.

(c) Except from the book, Deadly Encounters: Murder In Harvey County by Darren McMannis.  Used with permission.

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